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Salon Series: The Human Experience

The Human Experience is a monthly salon series where we gather together in conversation around interesting topics that arouse curiosity, compassion, and courage -- hosted by Stacey Madden and Jenn Fitzgerald.

What is a salon?

A salon is a gathering of people with an inspiring host (or two), intended to both entertain and to increase knowledge through conversation and readings.  Although they originated in China during the 16th century, salons are most commonly known as the literary and philosophical gatherings that took place in France during the 17th and 18th centuries. During this time women were the center of the salon, mediating discussions and choosing subjects of social, literary, or political concern; in fact these salons often served as an informal university.


Salons still take place throughout the world today.



Why a salon series?

There's a LOT of noise out in the world these days, division is rampant, social media algorithms leave little room for nuance, and the pandemic meant that many of us have lost out on opportunities to physically gather in meaningful ways.

The Human Experience salon series is about moving us forward and bridging the gap between the individual and the collective. It is a space to practice holding the complexity of being human, while cultivating discernment and learning to be in conversation - not debate - with one another again (or for the first time lol). 

FYI these are introvert friendly and non-therapeutic events. 

White Sands

Salon: Sunday, March 12th 3:30-5 pm

Topic: Celebration, baby!

What comes to mind when you hear the word celebration? Birthdays, weddings, or baby showers? What about ritual, adventure, and joy? Why is celebration so limited in this culture? Why do we rarely celebrate people who embark on different life adventures, make big leaps, or do the 'small' hard thing? And can we truly celebrate others without comparison clouding our sense of worth?!


We'll be talking about how cultural systems and wounding can limit our capacity for celebration (no shame here!), how expanding our practice of self celebration increases our ability to celebrate others (and vice versa), how this is a revolutionary practice of connection in a disconnected world, and the importance of curiosity, creativity and courage!

Whether this topic is completely new to you, or you are well versed,  you'll walk away with at least one or two gems and have a few laughs (sense of humour dependent). 


Tickets $20 with 50% of the proceeds going to Calgary Pride. Can't afford the ticket price or need to pay in-person? Save your spot here.

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Salon Schedule & Details


  • Introductions - share your name and tell us one thing that brings you joy

  • Event begins with a 20-30 minute discussion between the host and moderator (and guest when there is one) and then the discussion is opened up to the group

  • Participate in a way that works for you (presence is participation!)

  • If any questions, concerns, or issues arise please connect with Stacey or Jenn in person or via email


  • Bring your favourite beverage -- or grab water and tea here

  • Bring something that makes you feel cozy (e.g. fuzzy socks, lap blanket, shawl)

Questions/concerns? Email us before the event, or chat with us in person.

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