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Classes & Workshops

The back of someones head in a seated mindfulness class

Friday Mindful Somatics Class

Join us for the Friday Mindful Somatics Class from 5:30 to 6:30 pm, a dedicated 60-minute session delving into a singular concept through the harmonious integration of movement, mindfulness, and sound. This class is meticulously crafted to regulate the nervous system and instill a renewed sense of presence. Experience a gentle fusion of contemplative inquiry and tension release, making Fridays the ideal time for unwinding and nurturing your well-being.

Grey floor meditation chairs in a circle around a blue rug

Monthly Workshop

Join us every last Sunday of every month for a thorough exploration of Mind-Body connection through the lens of Somatic Experiencing, gentle movement and thoughtful exercises.. These group sessions seamlessly combines cognitive learning and embodied exploration, ensuring you depart with profound insights and a toolkit of valuable techniques to delve deeper into the issues residing in your tissues.

A group of people in a meditation class with the teacher at the front

Trauma Skills Training

Embark on a transformative journey with Stacey Madden through Trauma-Informed Somatics Training. Discover a holistic approach that seamlessly weaves trauma awareness and somatic principles. Stacey's training offers a nuanced understanding of trauma's impact on the body and mind, equipping participants with practical tools for fostering resilience. Dive into a learning experience that blends theory and embodied practices, empowering you to create a safe and healing space for yourself and others. Elevate your skills with Stacey's guidance and emerge prepared to navigate the intersection of trauma and somatics with sensitivity and expertise.

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