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Welcome to Mindful Somatic Wellness. Our physical space, featuring a serene office and beautiful studio, is designed for self-discovery and well-being. From private sessions to classes and workshops, we prioritize inclusivity and a trauma-informed approach. Explore our small store with local handmade products, and enjoy the convenience of free parking. Welcome to a space dedicated to your holistic wellness journey.



At Mindful Somatic Wellness, our mission is to create a space that embraces inclusivity, mindfulness, and trauma-informed care. We are dedicated to guiding individuals, families and groups on a journey of embodiment, fostering a profound mind-body connection. Through private sessions, classes, and workshops, we prioritize a safe and welcoming environment for self-discovery. Our commitment extends to providing resources that empower individuals to navigate their well-being journey with awareness and resilience. Mindful Somatic Wellness is more than a space; it's a community fostering holistic growth and mindful living.


Empowering lives through mindful embodiment, our vision at Mindful Somatic Wellness is to cultivate a world where individuals and communities thrive in safe, embodied well-being. We envision a community that embraces inclusivity, trauma-informed practices, and the transformative power of mindfulness. By fostering a deep mind-body connection, our vision is to inspire individuals and groups to lead fulfilling lives, grounded in self-awareness and resilience. Mindful Somatic Wellness aims to be a beacon of transformative change, promoting a world where everyone can navigate their unique wellness journey with compassion and purpose.



At Mindful Somatic Wellness, we uphold a commitment to ethical standards to ensure the well-being and integrity of our clients and community. Our practitioners adhere to a strict code of conduct that prioritizes confidentiality, respect, and cultural sensitivity. We recognize and respect the unique boundaries and autonomy of each individual, fostering an inclusive and trauma-informed environment. Our scope of practice is defined by our expertise in somatic integration, mindfulness, and the mind-body connection. We pledge to provide services within our competence, seeking ongoing education and consultation to enhance our professional skills. Mindful Somatic Wellness is dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical standards to promote a safe and empowering space for all those we serve.

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