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What is Mindful Somatic Wellness?

Stacey Madden, a seasoned practitioner in the field of somatic healing, offers a personalized and supportive experience that explores the intricate dance between the nervous system and emotional well-being. Through a skillful blend of mindfulness, movement, and body-awareness techniques, you will learn to navigate the terrain of your own physiological responses. Stacey's gentle guidance empowers individuals to release tension, resolve trauma responses, unlock stored emotions, and cultivate an embodied presence.

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What Can I Expect in Somatic Integration Sessions?

In the journey of Somatic Integration sessions, you can anticipate a thoughtful and personalized process designed to foster your embodied well-being. The experience unfolds in three key steps:


The Steps 





Intake & Personalized Plan

Somatic Integration Sessions 

Q & A

Q: What can I expect in the consultation?
A: Your nervous system loves the opportunity to orient to your surroundings. The sounds, the smells, the space itself; your nervous system is taking it all in. The consultation offers a chance to acquaint yourself with the surroundings, the environment, and Stacey. It also facilitates additional sharing of your experiences or the areas you want to explore. Stacey provides her insights and outlines her approach, discussing how the process may unfold for you. Collaboratively, you determine the next steps. 
The $20 fee secures your appointment and covers the time allocated for our meeting. In the event of proceeding to personalized somatic sessions, this fee is applied towards the cost of the first session.
Q: What is covered in the intake session?
A: The somatic intake and assessment session delves into you and what your body is telling you through the lens of the Poly-Vagal System, offering a snapshot of your nervous system. This session is NOT about reliving your traumatic experiences or moments. Having to retell, or relive our hardest moments over and over can re-traumatize us! This comprehensive exploration addresses how flight, fight, and freeze responses might be expressed in your bodily responses, impacting your behaviour, relationships and life. By understanding your unique nervous system dynamics, we collaboratively determine the safest steps to address your specific needs. It's important to recognize that not all nervous systems or trauma adaptations require the same approach, and this session lays the foundation for tailoring a therapeutic path that aligns with your individual requirements. Leave the session with inquiries and tools to get started before the next session.
Q: What is a Somatic Integration Session like?
A: A Somatic Integration Session is a personalized and transformative experience built on the insights gained from the initial intake session. Tailored to your unique needs, this session may incorporate awareness practices designed to enhance interoception—your ability to sense and connect with your body's internal states. Through gentle movement exploration, we delve into the intricacies of survival reflexes residing in your body. Theses sessions might also involve gentle movement, somatic mindfulness and sound as tools to deepen your somatic experience.
Drawing from a diverse range of modalities such as Somatic Experiencing, Clinical Somatics, Somatic Parts work, and Interpersonal Neurobiology, the session aims to foster a harmonious integration of mind and body. By combining these approaches, we work together to support your journey towards increased self-awareness, resilience, and overall well-being.

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