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A living body is not a fixed thing,
but a flowing event.
~ Alan Watts

Why Mindful Somatic Wellness?

Our bodies collect and store all of our life experiences, and these experiences manifest in a myriad of ways. Adverse early childhood experiences, motor vehicle accidents, pre-/post-natal experiences, and surgical procedures can all result in traumatic patterns in our body and mind. Chronic, unaddressed tension and anxiety are held in the physical structure of our bodies. This may show up as chronic pain, sleep issues, inflammation and many other ways unique to each person.

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A Body-Centered Approach to Wellbeing

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Mindful Somatic Wellness:

  • Gently coordinates and integrates bodily experiences with thoughts and emotions.

  • Fosters pathways to emotional regulation, resilience, compassion, and empathy.

  • Increases personal agency, progressing beyond barriers that can be experienced in conventional healthcare and wellness settings

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Guidance Through Life's Challenges

Hi, I'm Stacey Madden, RSME, SE, MFT, IPNB

 I have 15 years of experience combining the sciences of mind and body through various therapeutic somatic modalities. I'm a registered Somatic Movement Educator, Certified Body-Mind Therapist, and Pelvic Floor Fascia Trainer. I'm also certified in Somatic Experiencing (ADV),  Movement for Trauma (L2), Interpersonal Neurobiology (MBI), and Somatic Inner Parts Work.  I employ clinical and essential somatics, hatha / energy medicine yoga, stress reduction meditation practices, conscious breathwork, and subtle body theory to assist you in remembering and reorganizing yourself on all levels of being for greater health and wholeness. These methods build inner and outer resilience, presence and peace.




What I Offer

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Private Sessions

Book a free initial assessment to determine a customized plan for you and your needs to address trauma, anxiety, chronic pain, or simply to find balance inside and out.

In-Person Classes

Join others working through similar issues in discussions and movement classes. Address challenges like posture or addiction, or simply unwind tension and find your inner still point.

Online Courses

Trainings and webinars on a variety of topics. Join me in real time, conveniently and safely, through Zoom. Or gain perpetual access to somatic wisdom through one of my online courses.


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